Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Aah, Sweet Mystery of Life!

It has not been quite a week since I announced myself as the winner of the contest for the StreetCats cat with the pinkest ears.  And, in a moment, I will announce the winner of my last contest, the cat with the loudest purr.  Now if I were being completely honest, I would win this contest, too.  But apparently honesty is not as valued by StreetCat cats as perhaps it should be.  This has not been an easy week for me, Vanna.  My only explanation for this is that no good deed goes unpunished.  We no longer have crown wearers in our shop for Best Whiskers, Softest Fur, Best Markings, etc.  And why is that????  Well, because my contests have led to the adoption of all these cats!  Can there be any question, really, about this fact?!  You would think I would receive a big thank you!!!  Right?!!

So imagine my surprise when I announced the newest contest, for best purr, and the response was less than enthusiastic.  Now I know what humans mean when they talk about a cold shoulder.  Millie averted her eyes and wouldn't even look at me!  Dot turned around and ran off without purring even one purr!  Sandy and Alfred just ignored me.  That was better, I guess than what Mandy did.  Mandy, current title holder of Cat With Shiniest Black Fur, told me to "go suck an egg," and I quote!  Then she turned and walked away.  But do I care?  No, I don't!  If I were going to be here I would continue these contests even longer than I expected to and I would let myself win them as often as I truly deserved to win, and that would be pretty darn often.  But these cats won't have Vanna to kick around much longer, that's for sure.  This is the week I will be adopted!

Okay, now I would like to tell you about the winner of the StreetCats cat with the best purr.  (Really, it's me, but, well, you know.)  There might actually be another cat out there who purrs well, but since no one else would purr for me, well, Tiki, you're the winner!  And guess what, Tiki, I also hereby pronounce you the new wearer of the crowns for best markings, softest fur and best whiskers!  Take that, you StreetCat ingrates!  Because of me, the previous winners of those three contests have been adopted!  Tiki will be going home soon!

Okay, you've seen pictures of Tiki before because she was featured in Feline Friday once, but here are more pictures.  This kitty is beautiful, sweet, perfect in every way and will purr for you when you ask her to!  Unlike some other cats I could name!

Did you know that those humans, who think they are so darn smart, don't even know really why or how we purr???  It is one of life's great mysteries!  And it is an unwritten rule of all cats that we will not tell them, either.  Of course they know that we purr when we are contented.  They're smart enough to have figured that out!  But sometimes we purr when we're hurt and in pain and they don't get that at all.  They keep getting closer and closer to our secret, but they haven't figured it out yet.  They know that purring happens both when we inhale and exhale, unlike our meow.  That only happens when we exhale.  And they THINK that our larynx and laryngeal muscles are involved in our purr, but they still don't know the mechanics and we're not telling either!  I hereby promise to give a StreetCats crown to whatever human can explain this.  I'm not going to be in a big hurry to make it!  Ha!

Well, I'm not sure what the next contest will be.  Perhaps I'll let the next blog writer decide.  Stay turned for a surprise!!

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