Monday, April 7, 2014

I Declare a Draw!!!

Well, I am just EXHAUSTED!  It is my own fault and I know that.  But that doesn't make me any less tired!  What a huge mistake I made!  If it weren't for the responsibility I have to write this blog and my very admirable self-discipline, I would be taking an extra nap or two today.  Writing this blog means trying to keep up with everything around here.  Following the humans around to see if there is anything I need to know about is work enough.  But then I assign myself the task of picking the StreetCats cat with the softest fur!  What was I thinking?!  I could have done longest fur and that wouldn't have been so bad.  But no, I had to pick softest fur!

So here's how it went.  First I had to determine how I would measure softness in fur.  Would I use my paw or my nose?  Or both?  Next I had to follow all the StreetCats cats around trying to feel their fur. Well, some of these cats are just not too sure how they feel about having another cat feel their fur.  I will now admit that a time or two I had to get a surreptitious feel.  Okay, that means I had to sneak up on them, get a quick feel and then run away.  And our two winners would be such cats, I kid you not!

Okay, so now I've felt the fur of all the cats at StreeetCats, right?  And then guess what happens???  We get new cats!!!  StreetCats is apparently a favorite place for cat adoptions and the kitties just keep coming and going.  So here I go again . . . and I decided to feel all cats with both my paws and my nose before making a final decision.  With some of these cats that meant sneaking up on them twice!  No wonder I'm so tired!

Well, I narrowed my choice down to two cats.  I could not choose between them!  And why is that, you ask.  Well, I promise you I made several feels before coming to this decision.  I would go to one room, feel a cat.  Then I would go to another room, feel a cat.  Well, I'm not totally stupid so I decided that if I could get these two cats side by side and feel them at the same time, I could then decide.  So now my challenge of getting these two cats to stand together so that I could feel them at the same time began.  About that task I will only say this.  There is a good reason why humans make jokes about herding cats!!!!

And so finally, my energy much depleted, I decided it was a tie.  So . . . here are our winners and you've met them both before, I think.  The cats who together won the softest fur contest are Parker and Sophie, and soft cats they both are!  I know pictures won't demonstrate how soft their fur is, but here you go anyway.  Adopt one of these young, healthy cats and you will be treated to soft fur every time you decide to pet them.




Whew!  Now that this process is over I would like to explain to you why cats have fur.  I would like to, but I can't!  Even though some cats seems pretty much all hair, the evolutionary origin of hair remains a mystery.  Did we develop hair as a way to keep us warm?  That sounds pretty reasonable to me.  But wherever fur came from, we all know where it ends up, don't we????  Hee hee!

Well, next week's contest winner will be the StreetCats cat with the fluffiest tail.  Hopefully that contest will be a little easier to judge for the next blogger, which won't be me because I'm going to get adopted this week!  You see, I actually have the softest fur and just couldn't choose myself because . . . well, it wouldn't be right.  But next week . . . fluffiest tail it is!


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