Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Oh My Goodness!

I don't think the cats at StreetCats can get any more beautiful than they are, and then they do!!  You really need to come see!  It's amazing!  And today I'm going to show you the beautiful winner of our fluffiest tail contest.  I'm going to do that in just a minute.

But first, I need to check in and see how all you humans out there are doing.  Yesterday was tax day and I do wonder how many of you will take several cat naps today just to recover from the trauma.  Okay, I know that some of you got "refunds" and lucky you!  But for those of you who had to pay, you have my deepest sympathy!  Just rest now and don't think about next tax day.  No, wait, maybe you SHOULD think about next tax day and do something to make it better!

Hey, did you know that someone in 2009 did try to make it better?  Really.  His name was Thaddeus "Thad" McCotter and he was a representative from Michigan.  And he sponsored a bill called the Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years, or HAPPY for short.  Now that bill "died" in committee (things die in Congress on a regular basis!), but my own opinion is that it was a good idea.  That bill would have given pet owners with qualifying expenses a $3500 tax credit.  Now you can't tell me that wouldn't have helped a lot!  In 2011 pet spending the the US surpassed $50 billion, so let's hear it for a pet expense tax credit!!  Never mind that Thad had to leave Congress after a scandal (that also seems to happen a lot in Congress!), I think he was a good guy who clearly loved his cats and dogs or whatever pet it was he had.  Let's have more pet champions in Congress!!

Okay, now for the fluffy tail contest!  Oh my goodness!!!  The winner clearly is Victoria!  And this girl has more than just a fluffy tail!  She has a sweet personality and is beautiful both inside and out!  Okay, see for yourself!  Here she is!

Now is that a fluffy tail or what??!!  Oh wait, is that another fluffy tail sticking out the other side of the cat house??  Hmm, that looks like Millie's tail!  You can see her, too, by referring back to the winner of the best eye makeup contest!  Okay, Veronica is a very young cat, not yet a year old and she is so pretty and so soft and so sweet!  She could have won just about any contest we had.  One more picture now!

Wow!  That's just about all I can say about this gorgeous, sweet cat and her fluffy tail!

Well, our next contest winner will have the pinkest ears at StreetCats.  There would be no contest at all if I were still here because I have very pink ears.  But I am going to be adopted this week, so before I leave I'll look around to see who else has very pink ears!  Then someone will announce the winner of that contest, just not me!  :-)


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    1. Thank you, Andrea! All StreetCats kitties are beautiful! :-). Thank you for reading our blog!