Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Spa

Helloo-oo?  Yoo Hoo!  Are you there?  I haven't posted in several days and I'll explain.  Well, I was, of course, not at all stressed by the refusal of the stupid machine to do what I wanted it to do.  But my humans seemed to think I was.  So off to the spa they carried me!  In this picture, taken at the spa, I do look a little stressed and I am never averse to a visit to the spa, so maybe they were right.  I have to admit that our servants always have our wellness as their primary concern!

Oh, and yes, they do take pictures of me at the spa.  I guess it is the eyes, but humans take pictures of me everywhere I go!  Well, okay, I only go here and the spa, but I bet when I go to my furever home (should I decide to go to one) they'll take pictures of me, too.  It is a burden at times, but I carry that burden well, don't you think?

So about this spa.  It is really amazing!  It is called Feline Specialities and only cats can go there.  There are spas that accept other animals, too, but this one is just for cats.  And my servants there are called veterinarians and vet techs and receptionists and . . . well there are a lot of them!  And they all like me, of course!  They give me hair cuts and massages, do my nails (the humans are jealous!) and whatever I need or desire.  See this pad I'm lying on?  It is specially designed to make me feel good, just for me.  The veterinarian, Dr. Zinn, built this spa because she wanted me only to have the very best!  Then Dr. O'Cain came and agreed I should have the best!  Of course the spa is mine, but I do let our servants take other cats from StreetCats sometimes.  They always consult me first!  In case you cat readers need a spa in the future, don't forget, Feline Specialities is its name.  And I hereby give you my special permission to go there.  Say a special hello to Katie for me!  She serves me at both Feline Specialities and Street Cats which is pretty neat!  And tell them I sent you!

Okay, I'll tell you a secret.  The reason I am writing now, and will continue to write without interruption, is because my human friend, Briana, came and helped me with my blog machine.  You can't tell anyone, because she's the only one who even knows what I do here during the middle of the night.  So shhhh!  No telling!

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