Sunday, December 8, 2013

Midnight shenanigans!

Really didn't think I'd be doing this so soon, but here we go!  This is just a small sample of the nighttime activities at StreetCats.  You see, we cats are not only nocturnal, but we can see in the dark!  Now that is just cool if I do say so myself!  Of course I do not participate in any of these naughty activities!  I wouldn't!  It is just not my nature to be at all destructive (note to potential adopters!).  But I do observe.  And I have promised not to name any kitty names!  And oh yeah, one more thing.  Vickie, the blog photographer is not here during the night so I had to take these pictures myself.  Boy, am I ever NOT a photographer!  So I apologize!

As you can maybe tell, this is a picture of cabinets.  And when my angels leave in the evening these cabinets are shut and hooked.  So how, you ask, did the kitties get the doors open?  Well, I can only tell you that cats are determined and persistent!  And smart!!!!  And why, you ask, would cats want to open the cabinet doors?  Well, have you heard the phrase "curiosity killed the cat?"  I've never liked that phrase, but it does point out that cats are curious.  And we do not like closed doors!
Now here's another picture...

Now you will see in this picture that the cats have opened the lower cabinet doors, too.  When we get curious, well, we get curious!  See the towels on the floor?  Now you wonder why there are towels on the floor, right?  Well, they were dragged out of the upper cabinet and dropped to the floor!  If you think the cats were making a new bed on the floor you would be wrong!  No, they were rearranging the upper cabinet so that they could sleep in it comfortably!  We have so many beds at StreetCats!  BUT, a cabinet is always best!  Oh let's face it, you will probably never really understand . . . unless you're a cat!

Okay, one more picture and then I'll quit.  Here it is!

Now if you look closely at my poor photography, you will see that the sign on the container says Janie's food.  Well, I am Janie and that is definitely NOT me getting into the food!  Now this could even irritate me!

Here is my suggestion for keeping these crazy things from happening.  Angels, if you are reading this, please pay attention!  There is room in the big cat room for a human bed.  We would even give you as many beds of our own as you need.  Then you can take turns sleeping here with us at night!  Isn't that a great idea!  Gee, I wonder just how many kitties would sleep in the bed with you, play with your hair, purr in your ear, etc.    I bet we would bring some toys to your bed, too!  Of course if the cats went to sleep you would not be free to move lest you disturb them!  Maybe you would learn to be nocturnal, too!

Bye, bye.

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