Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Well, here at StreetCats, we are having a very nice holiday season.  The best news is that two of us have been adopted!!!  Tully and Andy have gone to their forever homes!  And the really cool story is that Andy's home was his original forever home!!!!  Can you believe it??!!  He got lost and his family has been looking for him for a year!  They recognized him when they saw his StreetCats picture and they came to get him!  I'm so glad we've been taking such good care of him!  So we're happy for Andy, whose real name is Gus, and Tully!  I heard my angels talking and they said that these two kitties are going to be making some people very happy this Christmas!

The rest of us at StreetCats are having fun with all our toys!  And guess what?!   Santa came to see us!  He left us a hat just like his!   When we saw that hat we were so excited!  I called my friend, Vickie, the photographer, and she came and took some pictures.  

First, here's Odie.  He's trying to get the hat on his head!  Sometimes we wish we had opposable thumbs, like our angels!

And now here's Donald!  I wonder if he thinks this is cotton candy!  No, Donald, don't eat it!

No, Lokie, just because Donald's eating the hat doesn't mean it's the right thing to do!

Vickie, I think you'd better just give me the hat and I will take care of it!  No, don't put it on my head, please.  Just place it right here beside me where it will be safe.  These other cats are too rambunctious to be given the responsibility for such a special keepsake!

Happy Holidays from me, Janie, and all my friends at StreetCats!  

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