Thursday, January 2, 2014

Broken Hearted!

Gosh, I'm really wondering how much longer I'm going to be able to do this blogging job.  When I gave in to Lulu and said I would do this job I had to start paying attention to everything going on around here.  And, because I'm paying attention, right now my heart is broken!  And you are probably asking, "Janie, what happened?!

This is Lizzie.  Lizzie just came to StreetCats.  Lizzie is an older girl.  She is 13!  Wow, I hope I live to be 13!  But when I'm 13 I hope my people don't decide they don't want me any more.  How can that happen?!  What was so wrong that Lizzie's owner chose a very drastic way to no longer take care of Lizzie . . . and I'm not talking about bringing her to StreetCats!  Thankfully someone intervened and here she is.  Don't you love her white chest and paws?!  She has four white paws!

So how do I mend this broken heart?!  If I can mend Lizzie's broken heart, then mine will be mended, too!  Just so you'll know, Lizzie is healthy!  She has a wonderful appetite and no behavior problems at all!  And she's sweet!  One of my angels pulled Lizzie onto her lap today and Lizzie just purred and purred and rubbed against her.  Why, why, why????

Please help me mend Lizzie's broken heart so that I can go on writing this blog without crying all the time!  And please help me mend Lizzie's broken heart so that she can live again!  She deserves to grow old in a home where she will be given a diamond collar and a little brandy in her cream.

Oh, Lizzie, don't worry sweet girl.  You are a StreetCats cat now!  My angels will take beautiful care of you from now on and you will see more sunshine like what you are seeing in this picture.  My angels will find a perfect home for you with hands that want to pet you and hearts who want to love you!  And until that happens, I love you!

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