Monday, January 27, 2014


There's not much of that around here these days.  Longevity, that is . . . at least among the cats.  I mean cats have practically been flying out of here!  I think I'm the old timer here now and I've been here less than a year . . . 10 months to be exact.  The other cats are lucky to experience living at StreetCats for a month before they get adopted!

Oh, by the way, this is Toots.  Yep, I agreed to write this blog for as long as I'm here.  And who knows whether that will be for another 10 months or a day.  I'm not too worried about that . . . adoption doesn't necessarily appeal to me.  Maybe I'll tell you why some day.  But I'm writing this blog because I'm getting a bit bored around here.  Janie said I should show you a picture of myself so that everyone will be able to think about what I look like while they are reading this.  So here you go . . . a picture of me, Toots.  Occasionally I hear someone say I'm pretty.  I wouldn't know.  I don't do mirrors.

Okay, that's enough about me.  Let's see, what were we talking about?  Oh yeah, longevity.  Now when it comes to the people who work here, now there we've got longevity!  By the way, these are people, aka humans.  Lulu called them servants and I sort of get that.  They do pretty much everything for us!  Janie called them angels, and I get that, too.  I mean they saved her life.  But let's face it.  They're just people, albeit good ones for sure!  I lived on the streets for three years before I was rescued and, believe me, you can't trust all of them.  But the ones that come here?  Yep, good people.

So here is one of the longest serving people you'll ever know!  She has been volunteering here (all the people are volunteers, you know) for about ten years.  Wow, that's older than I am!  She is a StreetCats foster mom.  She keeps cats at her house for a while before they come to StreetCats . . . just to be sure that they're ready to be adopted.  And she covers the phone line for StreetCats.  If you call the phone line you'll get an answering machine and then this volunteer will call you back to see how she can help you.  And she comes to the shop once a week to clean and play with the cats . . . mostly clean.  Well, sometimes she even comes more often because she's always delivering cats or some such.  Oh yeah, I'm supposed to tell you her name.  It's Lindsey Dickinson.  And here she is with Ranger.  Yep, Ranger has come and gone, but Lindsey is still here and I frankly expect her to be for at least another ten years!  She likes to volunteer here!  Some of the cats really LOVE her and I appreciate her, too.  So thank you very much, Lindsey!

So, okay, that is done for today.  I'll keep my eyes and ears open around here and report to you on any goings on you need to hear about.  Right now it's My Furry Valentine over and over and over!  I'll tell you if the recording changes!

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