Monday, January 13, 2014

Give It a Rest, Angels! Really!

I'm just going to tell you immediately!  I'm worried about my angels!!!!  They are so busy!  They are always busy, with cleaning, washing, feeding, preparing vouchers, selling things from the shop, bringing in new cats, making volunteer schedules, taking cats to the spa!  I mean, really, it is unending!  But now with My Furry Valentine coming up on February 9, less than a month away, it is even worse than usual.  Add to that list of things the fact that they are now planning food and drink for the event, sending out invitations and requests for donations, tracking donations, making beautiful baskets for the silent auction, planning decorations!  I could go on and on!  Oh my, if they were busy before, well, I'm just worried!

And I realized something just the other day.  I have never seen one of my angels nap!  I thought that maybe it was just my very dedicated StreetCat angels who don't nap, but actually I've never seen the angels at our spa, Feline Specialities, nap either!  Is this just one more area in which my human angels are lacking?!

So I want to show my angels how this important break in the day is done!  Now here is a picture of Miss Molly, a very beautiful napper.  But beautiful or not, there are benefits to this habit!

See . . . it's easy, you just curl up and before you know it you're asleep!  Angels, you humans are in the minority if you are not nappers!  85% of mammals are polyphaisc!  That means that you monophasic angels who don't take naps during the day, who divide your day in two (sleep time and awake time) are in the minority!  And besides that, napping can be very good for you.  It's fun, sort of a mini-vacation!  Here, let me show you another example.

Now this is Donald taking a "power nap."  He has been adopted and I'm sure his great napping ability is one reason he was chosen!  Napping helps with alertness, enhances performance, and reduces mistakes and accidents.  Now if you don't happen to believe me about that, check with the National Sleep Foundation.  They'll tell you!

And now I'll show you a picture of the best napper there is at StreetCats, although I must say that writing this blog has definitely caused some issues in regard to my napping time.  This is me, Janie!

You see what a perfect curl I make!  And please don't let anyone tell you that napping is a sign of low standards, laziness or lack of ambition!  I mean I do get the blog written, don't I?!

So angels, let me catch you curled up like this from time to time.  It will be good for you!  You'll still get everything done for My Furry Valentine!  And, that reminds me, if you haven't gotten your ticket yet . . . well, do it!


  1. Janie, you have really beautiful fur!! And, I will take that advice about the important naps! When is the big Furry Valentine event?

  2. Your angels could nap more if they didn't volunteer so much!

  3. Thank you, Jeanna! You can read all about My Furry Valentine in the blog just before this one! It's on February 9. Please come!

  4. sanesrack43, you could be right! Hee hee!