Thursday, January 16, 2014

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You!

Oh wow!  I haven't heard from Lulu in a long time and I don't know if she is still reading this blog.  I sort of hope not, but if she is I bet there is going to be some kind of an explosion somewhere!  She is not going to like this one little bit!  One of her "servants" doing this?!  It would not have been allowed on her watch!

Oh . . . you're wondering what I'm talking about!  This is just so exciting and I just can't wait for the first installment!  There are going to be more pictures!  Pictures of cats and kittens!  That means you get to see more of the things that happen at StreetCats!  I'm telling you, it's a happening place and this is just going to be so special!

Oh wait, you still don't know what I'm talking about!  Okay, I'll tell you!  Drumroll here, please!  I don't know how to type a drumroll so I guess you'll need to use your imagination here.  So are your eyes closed and there is a drumroll in your head?  Okay, open your eyes!

A human angel (not a servant, Lulu!) is going to start contributing to the blog!  Now do you understand why Lulu would be so upset?!  Oh she would be hissing and spitting and growling!  It's sort of scary to think about!  But I know that my angel, Vickie Sanborn, is a nice angel who takes beautiful pictures!  She hasn't taken all the pictures I've posted, but the really good ones are hers!

And now she is going to start putting more pictures on the StreetCats blog!  When you see a post entitled Feline Fridays, just know that it is our angel Vickie who is posting.  Just to clarify again, she is not a cat.  She is an angel.

Any questions?  If you have any, just post under comments and I'll respond.  Isn't this just going to be so neat???!!!  Oh, I just thought of something.  Do you suppose that Lulu is so happy in her new home that she doesn't even care about "her" blog any more?  Hmmm.

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