Friday, January 24, 2014

Good Fortune Lies Within Bad

I have so much to tell you!  But before I start . . . HOW ABOUT THAT FELINE FRIDAY!!!!  I know I'm going to be watching for those posts!  And you should, too!  You'll get to see all our pretty kitties!

Now, I bet you are wondering who said this . . . I mean the title of this post.  Well, I will tell you!  This phrase . . . Good Fortune Lies Within Bad . . . was said about 2000 years ago by a very wise Chinese man named Lao Tzu.  And the story I am about to tell you is an absolutely amazing example of just what he was talking about!  (I know it doesn't always happen that way, but this time it sure did!)

I know I told you when I first started writing this blog that my angels at StreetCats saved my life.  Well, it is so true!  I was in poor health when I came to StreetCats and I had to have a kind of surgery they call "exploratory" and I've been having to take medicine every day.  And well, to tell you the truth, I just haven't been thriving.  Just in case you don't know what that word means, it means "to make steady progress, to flourish, to grow vigorously."  I apparently haven't been doing any of that!  Well, my angels were so worried about me that they took me back to the spa, Feline Specialties.  I don't mind going there, but I could tell that they were really worried about me!

Here is something else I think I told you about.  After my angels saved my life, one of them named Katie, Katie Springs, took me to her house and she "fostered" me.  What that means is that she nursed and cherished me, but only for a while.  And I thrived at Katie's house!  My thriving at Katie's house was why I was brought into the shop at StreetCats.  They thought I was doing so well that I could be adopted!  And everyone was so excited about that!

But my bad fortune (as mentioned above) is that I did not thrive at StreetCats.  I thrived with Katie, but not at StreetCats.  I can't explain it and neither can the angels, even the ones at the spa.  Did you know that there is actually a human diagnosis called "failure to thrive?"  I guess maybe cats can have that, too.  I know my angels really wondered what was going to happen to me.

So . . . if that was my bad fortune, not thriving at StreetCats, what was my good fortune that was within my bad fortune?  Oh my gosh, there could not be any better fortune than the one that has come to me!  Here, I'm just going to show you!

Katie has adopted me!!!  Can you believe it?!  Yep, this is me in my forever home with my new mom, Katie!  When she saw me back at Feline Specialities (remember, she works there) she just knew this was the answer!  She and I have been talking and talking, just catching up!  (I LOVE to talk!  They say it's because I'm part Siamese.)  I never knew that a kitty could be so happy!  Katie decided that since it seemed the only place I thrived was at her house, well, that's where I should live!  My favorite angel is now my mom!!!

Now don't worry about the blog.  I am going to convince Toots that she should do it!  I don't know if Toots will ever tell you much about herself as she tends to be a somewhat "private" cat.  But I will tell you now that she is a real street cat.  She lived on the street for three years before she was rescued and I can tell you that means she is smart!  I don't know if Lulu is still reading this blog, but I can tell you that I won't stop!  I'll be checking in often to see how things are going!  And I know that Toots will give me the straight story!

Okay, one more picture, just to show you again how happy and lucky I am right now!  And it is so special to know that my angels that are reading this are just so happy for me, too!  Bye bye!

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