Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Scoop, The Skinny, Everything You Need to Know!

I told you I'd figure this out!  And I did!  They were here again last night and just as soon as I saw them gathering their chairs I put Dottie on the case!  She was the logical choice to help me figure it out.  It sure couldn't be one of the kittens . . . they get distracted from any task I give them almost immediately! And besides, Dottie hung out with the angels at their last meeting so she already had a clue about what was happening.  And after tonight?  Success!

It's a party!!!!  WE'RE HAVING A PARTY!!!!  And it's only about a month away!  The angels call it My Furry Valentine!  I think Valentine's Day has something to do with love because there are hearts and it is all about red things and flowers and candy.  I think they'll be having all of those things at the party!

I was so relieved when Dottie said we don't have to be there!  Because, I'm sorry, but hearts, candy, flowers . . . they just don't do it for us!  Now if they want to have chicken, turkey, salmon and almost any other fish, I would show up!  Let's face it, the party is not for the cats . . . well, this is so confusing, because it IS for the cats!  What I'm trying to say is that it's okay that we won't be there because we are not at all interested in being there.  But the party is specifically planned to help StreetCats have enough money to take care of US, the cats!  Now do you understand?!  I bet a bunch of you got an invitation in the mail, but if you didn't here you go.  Consider this your own personal invite!

Hee, hee!  Pretty sneaky aren't we?!  Dottie took a picture!

So this tells you everything you need to know:  the date, the time, where to go and how much it costs!  (Remember, all proceeds are for us cats!) Now I've not ever been to this event, so I'll have to take the word of the people who've been here planning this.  They say it is a very special, happy fun time!  And it is put on by my angels, all volunteers, without exception!

So finally I just want to say that you should come!  And tell everyone you know that they should come, too!  You . . . and they . . . would be just as welcome as my canned food is when they bring it to me!  Hmmm, something tells me the potential attendees (angels, all of them) might not quite be enticed by that thought.  How about each and every one of you would be just as welcome as spring is going to be in a few weeks!  And this fun, cheery, happy event will most definitely make the last weeks of winter fun!  I won't see you there, but my angels will be telling me about all of you!  I love you!

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