Thursday, January 30, 2014

Feline Friday - Toots!

It’s only fitting that today we feature our newest writer for the StreetCats blog!
Yes, Toots accepted the position and we’re so happy that she did.

Toots is very observant! She likes to hang out at the top of a cat tree by a window, at StreetCats, so that she can see everything that happens around her, as well as keep tabs on what’s happening outdoors. She does like to take time out from her cat perch watch duties to come down to play with the volunteers or to have her head scratched from time to time.

Despite her small size and youthful appearance we believe her age to be about 7 or 8. Toots came to us after living for 3 years, on the streets of Tulsa, outside the apartment building where her owner abandoned her when he moved out. (I’ll refrain from commenting on him). She did have a friend who helped to keep her fed and tried to bring her into her home several times, but her cats and Toots just didn’t get along. Toots has adjusted well to living at StreetCats with numerous kitties coming and going, but because of the rough times, always defending herself outdoors from other cats, we think she would prefer living in a home as an only cat. As I understood her, she’s looking for a home with a patient person who can offer her lots of love.

Toots is very healthy! Like all of StreetCats kitties she has been to the vet for spaying, and shots. And also like all of our kitties, she as been microchipped and registered!

 If you are interested in meeting Toots come by StreetCats at 6520 E. 60th St, in Tulsa, 10:30 - 5:00 Tuesday though Saturday, or call our message line, 918-298-6006. We would love to show you around and introduce you to Toots!

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