Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lessons From A Street Cat

I have some things I need to tell you.  But before I do . . . did you see those pictures of me?  I had no idea I had such pretty markings!  And how about those whiskers!  Wow, sort of glad I looked at those!

Okay, now down to business.  Here's the deal.  I've been worried about some of our kittens that have been coming through StreetCats.  It's not much like me to worry, but . . . .  Well, let me explain.  They are so darn innocent!  I mean some of them have never had one bad thing happen to them in their lives! That's what everyone wants for babies, right?  Right!  But what if they do have some hard knocks along the way?  They won't have a clue what they should do!  So I'm going to give them some advice, if they're reading.  And I hope they are!

First, I know you've heard the phrase "trust, but verify."  Well, no!  By the time you get around to verifying it could be too late.  Here is the rule:  Verify, verify, verify, and verify at least one additional time before you trust!  Got it?!  I'm telling you a lot of these kittens would walk up to just any stranger they saw on the street!  They need some lessons!

Okay, second rule.  Always maintain control, even after you trust.  You see, I had a place to stay once. I can't quite bring myself to call it a home because it wasn't forever.  And I turned my life over to the person who had me.  I can't quite call him an owner or even a human!  But I learned, after I was abandoned, to always be in control.  Never, never, never give up control over your own destiny.  Even after you trust someone, be sure they know that you will interact with them on your terms only!  Give them a nip or a scratch now and then just to remind them of who is the boss!

Okay, now for my third lesson I need to show you a picture.  Here it is.

Attention all innocent kittens like the ones in this picture!  If you ever find yourself on the street and you see this man, run, don't walk, to him immediately!  The cats in this picture are Loki and Odie and I sure hope they are reading this.  They are absolutely the most innocent, trusting kittens we've had in the shop since I've been here.  They've been adopted and they have a good home.  But things can happen!  If you don't believe it, watch The Incredible Journey!  I'm telling you they need lessons!

The man is this picture is David McAuliffe and he LOVES cats!  Rest assured that if you ask him for rescue, you will get it!  He has four cats of his own!  Their names are Earl Grey, Autumn, Rocky and P.T.  And he likes to spend lots of time helping animals!  Well, he does also like to draw, paint and play music.  But what is important for you to know is that he is a good guy who will help you if you need to be rescued!  Okay?!

That's all my lessons for today.  I sincerely hope none of you kitties reading this blog ever have to use them!  I wish I had never had to learn them!

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