Sunday, February 23, 2014

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Hello there!  It's me, Vanna!  And I bet you are smart enough to figure out that since I'm writing my second blog, I did not get adopted this last week.  But hey, not to worry, I'm pretty sure I'll be adopted this next week!  I can just feel it coming!

Okay, now for my lesson of the week.  I did tell you that I'm a teacher, right?  Yeah, pretty sure I did.  But before I start our lesson I will show you a picture of me . . . again.

Now, try to take your focus away from my green eyes and look down just a bit to my . . . whiskers!  Now my whiskers are white like most of my body so you might not notice them unless you know to pay attention!

But here are the whiskers of our last blog author, Toots.  I don't know how anyone could not notice these whiskers! No wonder Toots got adopted!

Now, really, WOW!  Those white whiskers against that mostly black fur??!!  Toot's designer really did a great job, don't you think?!

Okay, now for the lesson.  You probably already know that these really neat, gorgeous whiskers work as a type of environmental scanner.  I mean, as interesting and beautiful as they are, they weren't put there just to be pretty.  What I bet you didn't know is that they don't even have to actually touch something to detect that its there!  Yep, they are almost sort of a wireless network!  The nerves at the base of the whiskers are so sensitive that they pick up even tiny air movements!  So, for instance, air currents flowing around a piece of furniture can vibrate a cat's whiskers so that he knows there's something there!  And this happens even when it's dark!  Wow!  Just wow!

So last blog we talked about ears and this blog we're talking about whiskers.  Moveable ears and super sensitive whiskers.  And did you know that some humans actually think they're more evolved than we are??  Funny, huh!

Okay, I looked around the shop and determined that probably the winner of the best whiskers contest at this time would be Scooter.  So I told that big boy that since he won the whisker contest I would put his picture on the blog.  So here is Scooter, the very big, very sweet, lovable cat!  (And also  the pretty darn handsome cat!)

Well, before I go, I have one more thing to tell you about.  On Saturday I saw Katie Spring, the volunteer who adopted Janie!  She came in the shop to clean out our litter boxes and she told me that Janie is doing really well!  I just wanted to let you know that.  Janie sleeps with her at night and wakes her up during the middle of the night!  Good job, Janie!

If I'm still around in a week, we'll talk again then!  But right now I intend to find a volunteer lap in which to sit!  Anyone out there looking for a lap cat?!

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