Friday, February 7, 2014

It's The Fur, Stupid!

No, no, not you!  If there's anything you learn on the street it's not to call people or other cats "stupid!"  And since I've been living at StreetCats I've learned that it's not polite to say it even if you're thinking it.    So see, I have just given you two reasons not to use the word "stupid."  But I'm talking to myself!

Here's the deal.  One of the perches from which I observe here at StreetCats is beside a window and I can tell that's it's cold outside!  I haven't been outside for almost a year, but I can feel that cold and it will be just fine with me if I don't experience it straight on ever again!  So when the poor, strangely hairless humans come in here they are wearing not only their regular clothes that substitute for fur, but extra coats, gloves, scarves, anything they can find to keep them warm!  So I'm observing this and feeling sorry for them in their nakedness.  It really is sad, you know!  They have no fur!

So they come in here and often, certainly not insignificantly, they take a cat with them when they leave!  A few days ago it was Sophie and yesterday it was Pepper, Beau and Miss Molly!  Well, I'm somewhat dismayed by how long it took me to put two and two together!  You get it, don't you?!  They are taking kitties home with them for their fur!

No, no, don't worry!  Our volunteers here are very careful in who gets to adopt us.  I promise they don't take the fur off of us!  Nor do they ignore us when it gets warm enough that they don't need fur to help keep them warm.  They are nice people!  But, let's face it, humans go to extremes during cold weather to keep warm.  Did you know that they borrow sheep's wool just to weave into clothing to help keep them warm?  I hate to mention it, but they even try wearing animals' fur to stay warm.  Well, that is just wrong!  And besides, it doesn't work!  Our fur is warm because it comes with our warm, (and in a cat's  case, purring) bodies!

So yesterday, after I added things up and figured this out, I decided that I would show off my fur and see what happened.  So a young woman came in and I went right up to her and got her attention.  And then I rolled over to show her the markings on my stomach that I didn't even know I had until I looked at Vickie's pictures of me!  And she liked me!  She thinks my fur is good fur!  I think there is a very good chance that she is going to come back and get me and adopt me!  Really!

So . . . I'm scared!  I've belonged to a human before and he wasn't a nice one and he abandoned me!  Do I dare really trust this young woman?  I will follow my own lessons and verify, verify, verify before I give her my trust.  Then we'll see how she responds when I show her that I'm in control.  Maybe if all goes well, we will love each other!  Wouldn't that just be wonderful?!

If you don't hear from me again, you'll know what happened!  And if you do hear from me, well, you just do.  Stay warm, everyone!  A cat on your lap or beside you in bed will surely help!  We have fur!

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