Sunday, February 16, 2014

All In The Ears!

Well, well, well.  Hmmm.  Not sure, not sure AT ALL, what I'm doing here!  If you've been really wondering, from Toot's last blog, if she got adopted, well, she did.  And she was so, well, in a state of disbelief that I don't think she was even thinking about this blog.  But, because I'm a cat, I have very good ears.  (We'll talk about that.)  And because I have very good ears, I heard her say as she was leaving the cat quarters, "I'm gone.  Say nice things about me!"  And then just as she was being carried out the front door I heard her say, "I'm gone.  You'll have to carry on without me."

She meant the blog, don't you think?  And I didn't see anyone else rushing to do the chore.  That sort of surprises me because, I mean, Lulu started the blog and then she was adopted.  Janie took over, at Lulu's request, and she was adopted!  Well, Janie convinced Toots to do the blog and then Toots was adopted!  Well, I want to be adopted, too, so this is a no brainer, right?!  Adoption is a great thing!  I know because I was adopted once and my human loved me so much and I loved her, too!  I sat on her lap and she fed me anything I wanted!  But, sadly, she was no longer able to take care of me and I had to come back to StreetCats.  That's not bad at all except that they won't feed me anything I want here!  They have me on a "diet!"  So anyway, there were a lot of tears when I left my human . . . very sad.  I sure hope she's okay and not worried about me.  There is no need to worry because the volunteers here will find me a new home as soon as they can.  And . . . once you are a StreetCat, you are always a StreetCat!  I think that's the very best thing!  So since I grabbed this blog writing gig, I know I'll be adopted . . . maybe even this week!

So here is a picture of me.  First and foremost, you will want to notice my beautiful green eyes.  Lulu thought she had pretty eyes, but mine are green!

Nice, huh?!

Now I'm going to explain to you how it is that I happened to hear everything Toots was saying as she left StreetCats.  This is very important because it is why I'm writing the blog and why I will soon be adopted!  Okay, ears!  Just in case you didn't know, hearing is a cat's most highly developed sense.  We can hear sounds at a frequency three times higher than humans can!  And our ears can rotate around like a satellite dish to capture sounds more accurately.  That means that, not only can we perceive the slightest noise, but we can judge where it's coming from!

Now I'm going to show you two more pictures of my ears and how they rotate.  In the second one you will notice that I have one ear up and one ear back.  Cool, huh?!  That way I can hear what is going on behind me as well as what is going on in front of me.  I bet humans wish they could do that, but they can't!  Their ears don't rotate at all.  They have such limitations!  Okay, here you go!

Questions?  If you have any, just make a comment on the blog and I will do my best to answer them.  I know how much humans would like to understand cat specialness!  And when I write again, I'll teach you something else!  IF I write again, that is.  I just might get adopted before there is time!  Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you!  My name is Vanna!  Vanna's my name and teaching's my game!

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