Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Angelic Angels!

Hi everyone!  It's Janie!  Do you remember me?  Just in case you don't, here's my picture!  Lulu's picture is still at the top of the blog so I thought maybe you should see who is really talking to you.  Lulu doesn't live here any more.  I wonder if her picture will always be at the top of the blog.  Since I'm the blogger now, is that something that I can decide?

And speaking of Lulu, here is the story I want to tell you today.  Remember the time I told you that I got an email from Lulu but I was feeling too happy to read it?  That was a couple of weeks ago.  Well, I finally did read it and Lulu and I have had a disagreement.  She was very mad at me for calling HER servants angels!  Yes, really, she was!  She told me that I had to change and call them servants from now on because she says cats don't have angels, they only have servants and staff.  But I told Lulu that even though they were her servants, they saved my life and are my angels!  We went back and forth with emails on this subject for several days until finally Lulu said that she was done with me and with StreetCats because her new servants had supplied her with enough toys and, you know, that bird room, that she didn't even have time to worry about us any more.  So I don't know if Lulu is still mad at me or not, but I don't think we'll be hearing from her again.  I just hate for anyone to be displeased with me!  But doggone it, they are angels!

So I wanted to wish all my angels a Happy Thanksgiving!  This is their holiday, but they like to include us kitties.  So even though it is a holiday for the angels, they will still come to StreetCats and give us our turkey dinner and clean everything in sight so that we will be safe and happy for the day.  Did you know that no matter what, they always come!  If an angel scheduled to come gets sick, another angel takes their place!  It is so darn angelic!  And tomorrow it will be just like at the angels' houses.  We'll have our turkey dinner early and then someone will come back in the evening to be sure we get our leftovers!  They treat us just like their families!  I get a little choked up just thinking about it!  Have a great day, ANGELS!!!!

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