Saturday, November 9, 2013

Brotherly Love . . . and Mischief!

Lulu says that I should apologize for taking so long to write my second post.  But it has taken me a while to figure out how to sneak into the office and use the computer.  And then when I finally got here, I learned that Lulu isn't really gone!  Well, she is, but there is something called email and she had emailed me!  It was in this email that she reprimanded me for taking so long to write!  I am just hoping that soon she gets so busy with her new toys and figuring out how she can sneak into her new bird room that she completely forgets about me and StreetCats!  I don't think you could call her criticism "constructive!"

Lulu told me that I should write a post about the kittens so that someone will come and adopt them and, therefore, StreetCats would be "rid" of them.  I really don't think that's very nice!  I should go on record here that I do not dislike kittens the way Lulu does.  I will admit that I don't particularly want them close to me, but I think they're cute and I like to watch them . . . from a distance!

Anyway, I want to tell you about two of the kittens we have at StreetCats right now.  Their names are Lokie and Odie and I think they are identical twins.  Well, maybe not, because Odie is a little bigger than Lokie, but I think if Odie wasn't wearing a collar my angels might have a hard time telling them apart.  Here is a picture of Lokie.  My favorite thing about these kittens is that their eyes match their fur.  Cool!

Lokie and Odie are about six months old and they are the most playful of all the kittens at StreetCats.  They are so entertaining to my angels!  The human angels just laugh and laugh, especially when the kittens want to take a ride on their backs!  And Lokie can jump so high they worry he might hurt himself!  Apparently they don't always land on their feet!  One thing you need to know about these brothers is how much they love each other!  Do you know the word "bonded."  This is what my angels call them . . . "bonded!"  I'm going to show you another picture!

Aaahhh, so sweet!  And because of how much these two love each other, are "bonded," my angels want them to be adopted together.  Don't worry, if you can't afford two adoption fees my angels will show their angelness (is that a word?) and talk to you about not having to pay two adoption fees!

I do need to be sure and let you know that these boys are what is called "active!"  That just means they like to play . . . a lot!  I really think it would be fun to see them playing with a dog who likes cats!  I bet they would give that dog a run for his money!  Sometimes they play with the other kittens at StreetCats, but I think they like playing with each other the best!

See what I mean!

Okay, I think I'd better sneak back out of this office again!  I'll try, since Lulu says so, not to take so much time before I sneak back in here again and tell you more things about what is happening here at StreetCats!  Bye, bye for now!

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